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  • What materials are your products made from?
    Our 3D printed products are made from photo-polymer resin. Our etched metal sheets are made from brass.
  • Do I need to wash your resin parts before I can use them?
    In short, no. As our resin parts are 3D printed, they will have already been washed as part of the manufacture process. There is no need for you to wash them further.
  • What glue should I use to attach your products to my models?
    You will need to use either Super-Glue or an Epoxy-resin based glue to attach our custom parts to your models. Plastic glue will not work with our custom parts.
  • Are you affiliated with Games Workshop?
    Mallistone Foundries is not affiliated with Games Workshop Group PLC or its affiliates. Our products are not designed, manufactured, licensed or approved by Games Workshop Group PLC, and are not intended to include or infringe any intellectual property rights of Games Workshop Group PLC.
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